Student Travel Insurance Tips – 7 Big Hints!

Travel insurance has always been a tricky subject. With so much small print it’s hard to know if the cover you’ve got is sufficient and if it will cover the places and activities that will be involved in your trip. For students, the emphasis is certainly on budget and this opens many potholes as you risk ending up with a policy that doesn’t cover your requirements. Below are 7 tips that should make getting student travel insurance a bit more straightforward…

  • Get annual cover. In the long run you’ll often find that an annual policy is better and more cost effective than buying separate policies every time you go away.
  • Do your research! Unsurprisingly, doing a bit of research and comparing costs of policies online will save you a lot of money.
  • Buy in numbers. If there are a group of you going away then try and get your policies together. Buying in bulk can often bring cheaper prices
  • Declare medical issues. Trying to hide any medical issues could result in your claim being void – the last thing you want is to be stuck in a foreign hospital and no insurance.
  • Read the small print. As with everything, the key issues are in the small print so you can’t miss them. It’s boring, but it could be crucial!
  • Plan your activities. Don’t waste money on activities you aren’t going to do. If you’re not skiing, don’t include it on your policy.
  • Check the excess. You don’t want to end up with an excess that will void all your belongings. Check what you’re getting and plan accordingly.

Following these 7 hints should hopefully make getting student travel insurance slightly less of a drag!