Potential Icelandic Volcanic Eruption Comment

With the BBC reporting that a ‘New Icelandic volcano eruption could have global impact’: www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-15995845 Moneymaxim.co.uk, the website which specialises in Travel Insurance covering natural disasters and travel disruption, comments:

Mark Bower, Managing Director of Moneymaxim, said: “Scientists and experts believe that the Katla volcano in Iceland could soon erupt, indicating that there has been 500 tremors in the last month alone. The potential devastation for Iceland could be catastrophic, with any resulting volcanic ash cloud bringing the world’s aviation to a halt.

“Ever since the initial Icelandic eruption in the Spring of 2010 we have been tracking Travel Insurers who will cover the impact of major travel disruption caused by Natural Disasters, including Volcanic Explosions.

“Many of those who did provide cover for the original incident no longer do so, whilst others have developed specific policies covering major travel disruption.

“However with every eruption we get calls from travellers who have left it too late to buy their insurance and are facing significant financial losses if their airport were to close. Whilst there are policies that can be bought after an eruption has occurred they have significant limitations and we definitely recommend buying now and then being safe in the knowledge you are protected if the worse happens.”