5 tips for buying luggage

I always recommend checking your suitcase well in advance of travelling, just in case it’s looking past its sell by date and needs replacing.

Check your suitcase about a month before flying and if the stitching is looking frayed, or any part looks a bit too worn to cope with another round of battering, being transported to and from your holiday destination, then replace it. It’s just not worth the risk of it giving up and breaking mid holiday or spilling your clothes in the baggage transport system of the airport. How embarrassing and costly would that be?

When looking for a new suitcase or set of luggage shop around and consider the following tips:

1 Check dimensions before purchasing
Check the checked-in baggage size restrictions of your airline before you go shopping and take the dimensions and a tape measure with you.

2 Not too big
Don’t buy suitcases that are too large. Airlines are reducing the weight limits of checked-in baggage, and having a suitcase that is very big will only encourage you to pack too much and could lead to you paying expensive excess luggage charges.

3 Avoid expensive looking luggage
Buy sturdy cases, but don’t go for anything too flashy and expensive looking. Expensive luggage implies expensive contents, and could make it a target for thieves.

4 Wheels
Make sure you go for cases with wheels, I think they all have wheels now, but my favourite type is the wheel-anywhere ones that you don’t even have to tilt, they’ll roll in any direction when upright.

5 Buy quality

It is much better, and more cost-efficient, to spend a little extra on a sturdier case with a long guarantee than to go for the cheaper option that may require replacing in a couple of years.