Staying in London

London is a notoriously expensive city. Certainly, the cost of living can be very high in the city centre, and if you have lots of cash to part with, there’s no end of ways to spend it – fancy dinners, theatre shows, shopping – but it’s perfectly possibly to visit London on a small budget. Let’s take a look at accommodation options to suit all budgets…


Perhaps you’re travelling round the great cities of Europe, or simply want a few days in an exciting city. Either way, the first piece of advice to visitors on a small budget is this: don’t stay too long. Even if you stay in hostels, a week in London can easily drain you of your money pretty quickly. 3-4 days will suffice, unless you have friends you can stay with. If not, the city has hostels all over the place, including sought-after areas like Bloomsbury and South Kensington. A hostel in London usually costs between 20-40 pounds per night.

Mid Budget

If you’re happy to spend around 100 pounds per night, you can easily find some very pleasant hotels in the city. Check online, as you may find some heavily discounted rooms, potentially turning your 100 pound per night rate into a luxury hotel, or at the very least cutting the cost significantly. Discounts are especially prevalent at this time of year, so browse the web thoroughly before committing to anything.


Lap of Luxury

If it’s luxury you’re after, London’s West End boasts a number of world-class hotels. Mayfair, Knightsbridge, Kensington – all stunning locations to stay in. Try Millennium Hotels for some amazing Kensington hotels, such as the gorgeous Millennium Gloucester Hotel and the Bailey’s hotel. Undoubtedly two of the finest Kensington hotels, these converted Georgian townhouses are steeped in history, and drip with money. Visit the Millennium Hotels (by clicking the link above) for more West End hotels.