Preserving Holiday Memories


The days and moments spent with family often become the most precious of lifetime memories, and in the modern age the best way of capturing those moments is with a photo book or photo calendar.

We all have a camera and we are often at our most ‘snap-happy’ when on holiday. Many of us take 100s of photos on our trips abroad but often they seem to languish there until a memory card is full, at which point they are transferred to a computer where they are promptly forgotten. Time is scarce, and it can be a challenge to process, print, and artfully arrange photos into albums or scrapbooks. Yet there is always a desire to have a tangible memento of special times to be able to re-visit and share with others.

Putting together a photo book could not be more convenient since it is all done digitally on the Internet. A template is provided, so creating the book is as simple as filling in the blanks. Just follow a prompt that is given for each page of the book, inserting the desired photos and text to accompany it. Issues of layout can be adjusted according to individual tastes. After compilation is complete, simply click submit, and your work is done. There is a brief wait while the photo book is being printed by the publisher, and then the finished product is delivered right to your door.

In addition to being a cinch to produce, photo books and calendars are sleek and professional in appearance. With the durability of a book, there is no concern of photos getting smudged, crumpled, or misplaced. The concurrent text that may be featured with the photos eliminates the need of having to stand over someone’s shoulder and narrate; rather, they will be able to independently peruse it just like a story book. Being able to preserve and celebrate moments in time is invaluable, but, thankfully, capturing these memories in such an impressive format is quite affordable.

With such room for personalization, sharing the magic of memories in photo book or calendar form makes for a heartfelt and meaningful gift. Whether commemorating a significant event or documenting family fun, it is not only a gift but also a keepsake to be treasured.