British thumbs up for foreign delicacies

A recent survey has shown that the majority of Brits (97 per cent) questioned are likely to be more adventurous with their food when on holiday than when at home in the UK.

The research from Viking River Cruises also found that three out of four Brits (77 per cent) try to recreate their favourite foreign dishes when they return to the UK.

With more Brits heading further afield than ever before, holidaymakers are now giving weird and wonderful delicacies a go; the most popular dishes Brits tried for the first time include snails (six per cent) and frogs (five per cent). The survey also unearthed the more unusual items eaten by Brits abroad included sheep’s brain, cherry soup and one person admitted to eating bees whilst on holiday.

Whilst ostrich, birds nest soup and even guinea pig aren’t unlikely to make the menu, Britain’s ‘Come Dine with Me’ culture means that we’re trying to impress friends with our culinary creations more than ever before, taking inspiration from our travels.

Respondents also identified food markets as a must-visit on their trips away, as food lovers take inspiration from the likes of Rick Stein and The Hairy Bikers to pick up ideas to take back home.

The top five foods that we are most likely to taste for the first time when on holiday are:

  1. Snails
  2. Frogs legs
  3. Crocodile
  4. Kangaroo
  5. Snake