Heathrow helps children pinpoint holiday destinations

According to research, our children are turning into a bunch of globe trekkers with almost 78 percent of children surveyed having travelled abroad.

The study, which was conducted on behalf of Heathrow Airport, surveyed 1,000 children between the ages of six and ten and found that by the age of ten most children have been abroad five times.

However, in spite of this amount of travel, it doesn’t seem to be help them with their geography. The survey’s amazing findings revealed that, although 78% have been abroad, 12% of those surveyed couldn’t pinpoint the UK on a map of the world, 41% didn’t know the UK was in Europe and 42% didn’t know where the USA was.

The most easily identifiable countries were: Australia with 78% pinpointing it on the map and Russia, 73%.

Heathrow is aiming to redress this lack of knowledge by installing giant globes in each of its terminals this Easter, including a giant 10’ globe in Terminal 5 departures, to help its younger passengers learn more about the world around them and make their journeys better.

Airport staff will also hand out 20,000 maps to young travellers, adding to their excitement about the destinations ahead and helping them to understand more about different cultures and geographical locations across the world.