Hand luggage liquid restrictions

It has been more than three years since the liquid in hand luggage restrictions were introduced and, even after all this time, there is still some confusion over what is and isn’t allowed. To clarify, the restrictions are listed below:

All liquids, that includes gels, aerosols, toothpaste, liquid foundation, hair gel, shower gel, mascara and sun creams, can only be carried in individual 100ml containers, no larger, and must fit comfortably in a transparent, re-sealable plastic bag which measures no more than 20cm by 20cm and has a maximum capacity of one litre. Any liquids that are in larger quantities, or in larger containers, even if they are only partly full, will be confiscated.

To be sure, it is recommended that all liquids are carried in checked-in luggage. However, if you do plan to carry some liquids on board, it’s advisable to put your liquids in a re-sealable plastic bag before you leave for the airport. Some airports give out plastic bags free of charge, however, some charge, so it is best to be organised and get your own.

If you need to take water, drinks or other liquids on the plane buy them air side, after security screening. Don’t buy drinks at the airport to take through security as these will be confiscated.

Further information:

If you have any questions concerning your hand luggage check your airport’s or airline’s website.

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  4. Once you have cleared through security and entered duty free, then purchase drinking water, toiletries etc. (which are over 100ml). I have done this the last few years and has not caused any problems at all – certainly the most sensible thing to do!

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