Airport panic buying costs £395 million a year

As if holidays aren’t expensive enough, it seems we Brits are increasing the cost of our holidays by spending an estimated £395 million a year on last-minute “essentials” at the airport before boarding our flights.

In a survey conducted for Virgin Atlantic’s 747 In-Flight Entertainment Development Team researchers found that 90% of British travellers hit panic mode as soon as they arrive in the departures lounge and purchase around 12 items, including food and drink supplies and gadgets for children.

The survey identified the top ten must-have flight essentials are:

  1. Books and magazines – 32%
  2. Bottled water and other soft drinks – 28%
  3. Snacks -14%
  4. Tech gadgets for kids – 7%
  5. Ear plugs – 3%
  6. Flight socks – 3%
  7. Toiletries – 3%
  8. Tech gadgets for adults – 2%
  9. Flight pillow – 1%
  10. Back support cushion- 1%
    Other – 6%

While some of these purchases are unavoidable, such as drinks and snacks, how many of these are unnecessary extras that we really don’t need?