5 tips to help you get a good deal on your holiday

Now that the worst of the winter weather is over our attention is turning towards the summer holidays.

However, with the cost of fuel rising rapidly – oil prices are now at their highest since 2008 – some airlines have introduced fuel surcharges to protect their income and pass the fuel burden on to passengers.

While not all airlines have added fuel surcharges, air travellers will end up paying for the fuel price increase one way or another, either through increased ticket prices, or as airlines reduce services and therefore reduce capacity flight prices will naturally increase.

With a possible increase in air travel prices it becomes more and more important to secure a good holiday deal as best we can. So how can we look for ways to save money on our summer holiday?

Below are some tips to help you save money when you book your summer holiday:

Avoid school holidays
Demand for flights and accommodation increases greatly during school holidays and with it prices, so, if at all possible, book your holiday in school term time. If you are uncertain when the school holidays are, just do a search for a school in your area and check their website for dates.

Shop around for currency deals
One of the worst places to exchange foreign currency is to do it at your holiday hotel, so always make sure you buy your foreign currency in advance. Shop around online to get the best deal and don’t just compare rates, work out what you will actually get for your money.

Book your airport parking early
Booking your airport parking early you can save up to 60% on the gate prices. Also, as car park spaces fill up, airport parking companies often increase their prices, so for the best possible price always book early.

Travel insurance
If you plan to take more than one holiday this year, consider buying an annual policy as this could work out cheaper than buying several single-trip policies.

Regional airport versus busy hub
Landing charges are often cheaper at smaller, regional airports compared to busy hubs, and consequently flights to these smaller airports are often cheaper. Check all your options, but be aware that although an airport may be named after a major city, it may be 60 miles or more away and the cost of transportation to and from the airport may outweigh the savings.