Car hire: book your vehicle rental early this year

Holidaymakers looking to book hire cars for the busy Easter and summer holidays are being advised to book their car hire early.

The warning comes from the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA), which expects the car hire shortages experienced last year to be repeated again this year.

Last year saw car hire shortages during the busy holiday seasons particularly in tourist hotspots and at airports – car hire companies have reduced vehicle numbers since the start of the recession. An alternative to car hire is motorhome hire. Motorhomes help reduce the cost of hotels and are a good option considering the shortages of cars for hire.

“Rental companies always try to look ahead and estimate demand for peak periods, but with finance in short supply and new vehicle prices rising, they can ill afford to have cars sitting around idle,” said John Lewis, chief executive of the BVRLA.

“This means that there will be periods when demand outstrips supply. You wouldn’t go to an airport and expect to buy a ticket on the day you want to travel, and the same should apply to renting a car.”

“Cars are expensive assets and you can’t turn the supply on and off like an ice-cream machine or printing presses.”

So, the message seems clear from the BVRLA: ‘book your car hire early to avoid disappointment’ as rental vehicles can’t be shipped in overnight to cater for demand. But, before you book your car hire, shop around to compare contracts and prices. You may find this previous post about checking car hire terms and conditions useful.

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