Gain an extra day’s holiday with a stay at an airport hotel

Want a great way to make you feel as though you’ve had an extra day’s holiday?

It’s simple really, and not too expensive, you just need to book an airport hotel room for the night before you fly out on holiday. By booking a stay the night before you fly you’ll awaken refreshed and ready for your flight, relaxed, knowing that you don’t have to face the hassle of a journey to the airport, as you’re already there!

There are several options available to you if you choose to book an airport hotel, you have on-airport hotels – usually the large recognized chains of hotel, such as the Hilton – but you also have some hotels which are located just off airport, or, cast your net slightly further afield and you have the option of hotels, guest houses and bed and breakfast establishments.

On-airport hotels

The most expensive option is often to book an on-airport hotel. Although slightly more costly, the biggest advantage of an on-airport hotel is its location, it is on-airport and on the day of your flight you just have a short walk to get to check-in.

Always check the location of your hotel before booking as some airport hotels are situated just a short shuttle bus ride from the airport with the airport hotel sending a shuttle to pick you up from the terminal.

Just off airport hotels

Hotels that are situated just-off airport are usually located a short shuttle-bus or taxi ride from the airport. These hotels often have the name of the airport in their title, but it’s best to check before booking. Some just-off-airport hotels provide free transfers to and from the terminal, others will arrange transfers for you but there may be an additional charge.

Quite often, the hotels that are situated just off airport are slightly cheaper than those on-airport hotels.

Off airport hotels, guesthouses and B&Bs

If you look for accommodation slightly further afield from the airport you’ll find a huge variety of choice, from the recognized hotel chains to smaller, often independent, hotels, guesthouses and bed and breakfasts. The choice is often vast and with prices to suit everyone’s pocket.

When booking off-airport hotels always check the location and how easy it will be to travel to the airport. You will find that some off-airport hotels and guesthouses include transfer fees in their prices, others operate their own transfers or can arrange transport for an additional fee.

Parking options

If you plan to drive to the airport, check out the parking options when booking your hotel room. Quite often, hotels – on-site, off-site and even guesthouses and B&Bs – will offer parking at a reduced rate for guests. Some hotels have their own on-site parking, while others will have a deal with a car parking company that will move your car to their car park.

Park and stay

Park and stay, or park and fly as it is sometimes known, is often offered by on-airport, off-airport and some of the smaller hotels and means that you book your hotel room and airport parking as a package. Enquire about park and stay packages when you are looking to book a hotel room as significant discounts can be made when booking both parking and rooms together.

Park and stay packages aren’t limited to off-site or on-hotel parking, you can also book meet and greet valet parking too. Ask your hotel or check their website for details.

Utilize twilight check-in

If you’re staying at an on-airport hotel check out the twilight check-in options offered by your airline. Some airlines, such as British Airways, offer the facility to check-in your luggage the night before you fly. Not only is this very convenient as you avoid having to transport your luggage from the hotel to the airport on the day of your flight, the check-in queues are often shorter later in the day.